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Mobile People.Powered.Logistics is a leading UK transport and logistics provider, committed to supporting your business’s growth with custom solutions that work for everyone. We prioritise high-quality transport services and focus on what our clients need.

Our aim is to lead by example in the transport and logistics field, creating value for everyone involved, from our clients and team members to our partners.

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Birmingham to Aylesbury and across the UK

Mobile People Powered Logistics (MPPL) is a leading end to end, high performance Transport and Third Party Logistics business, strategically based in Birmingham West Midlands and Haddenham Buckinghamshire. Specialising in road transport of goods across the UK and Ireland, e-commerce fulfilment, storage and distribution.

Distribution Performance - On Time Deliveries

  • Year To Date 98.41% 98.41%
  • May 98.08% 98.08%
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System Distribution - Pallet Network

Discover multi consignment distribution with our Pallet Network service.

Designed to meet the diverse requirements of UK businesses, our Pallet Network optimises the movement of palletised goods.

Ideal for streamlining supply chains with optimum delivery speed and reliability.

System Load - Haulage & Full Load Transport

Boost your logistics with our Haulage services across the UK, catering for full load, groupage, and part loads.

Tailored for efficiency and security, we leverage our own fleet and technology to meet your needs, ensuring sensitive timeslots and deadlines are met.

System Management - Supply Chain Solutions

Enhance your operations with our innovative Supply Chain Management solutions.

We ensure seamless integration, optimal inventory visibility, timely deliveries and reduced costs through advanced analytics, tailored to your business needs in the UK market.

System Store - Storage and Fulfilment

Optimise storage and fulfilment with our services, boosting efficiency and accuracy.

Our secure facilities and advanced WMS ensure safe storage and precise dispatch, catering to your business’s evolving needs for flexibility and reliability.

The Mobile PPL Environment Pledge

  1. Each year, we will report our emissions data to show our progress and areas for improvement.
  2. We will dedicate time and resources to researching sustainable technologies and updating our procurement process to make sustainability one of our key purchase motivators.
  3. We will lead the sector in being open and transparent about the environmental challenges the industry faces, and encourage our suppliers, partners and peers to join us.

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