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Möbile are an approved organic food storage provider who believe in setting the standard when it comes to organic fulfilment. We’ve been operating in the logistics industry for more than four decades, so we’re confident that we understand how to deliver a first class organic food fulfilment and storage service..

Our Aylesbury facility is one of the few organic certified warehouse and fulfilment centres in the country. The site is certified by the Organic Food Federation (GB-ORG-04).

From utilising our organic food warehouse at Aylesbury, to providing total fulfilment services that can handle your goods across all parts of the supply chain, we’re the number 1 choice for many retailers that sell organic foods.

To find out more about the services we provide, feel free to call one of our Aylesbury Depot Managers and see how we can help

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Certified Organic Food Storage Service

As part of our System Store product, we have invested a significant amount of money into our organic fulfilment and food storage service. We don’t just provide an efficient organic food storage solution, but we have made sure that we meet all industry standards when it comes to organic storage and are fully certified by the Organic Food Federation.

It is vital that organic storage is set up to maintain the high quality of the foods you sell to customers and that’s where we set ourselves apart. Our facilities are maintained to an exceptional standard, offering food storage for products such as olive oils, dried foods, canned goods, dietary chocolate, and specialist food. They are well positioned, secured using state-of-the-art systems, and kept dry to ensure your goods meet industry standards and are fit for consumption once they reach your customers.

If you have any queries about our organic storage service, then we have our customer service team on hand to deal with any queries you might have.

Organic Warehousing for Your Produce

Our organic food warehouse has been set up to provide the perfect storage environment for a variety of organic cuisine.

So, once your products arrive at our food storage warehouse, our teams will kick into action to ensure that they are decanted and placed into storage in readiness for order fulfilment. Our ambient environment for enclosed organic goods offers our customers the confidence that their products are being stored to the highest levels of product care and safety.

From the storage of parts or bulk stock of goods, we can give you complete control over the way in which you manage your goods. Our goal is to make managing your stock, orders, and storage as seamless as possible through our intuitive Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). Our WMS works with the likes of eBay and Amazon ensuring you can keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to organic fulfilment. You’ll have the scope to manage stock levels, orders and you can benefit from automatic stock re-ordering, leaving you to focus on running your business.

Organic Fulfilment

By using our premium storage and organic fulfilment solutions, you are able to comply with your own organic licence requirements. We are accredited to the processing standard, required to offer value added services such as relabelling, repackaging and heat sealing. Our accreditation, working practices and 3PL services allow us to offer our customers a holistic solution to their organic fulfilment requirements.

We have the scope to manage the transportation of bulk goods through our System Load and our System Distribution services, which provide pallet delivery, full or part load haulage as well as express delivery. If you sell via Amazon, we appreciate the importance of providing an organic fulfilment service that aligns with the FBA guidelines, meaning you can rely on Möbile to manage the inspection of goods, labelling and despatch correctly. Furthermore, we can also provide pre-agreed network delivery slot times for Amazon warehouses by providing access to the Pallet Track network, ensuring your goods can leave our distribution centre Aylesbury on time and arrive in pristine condition. We can also provide a national parcel delivery service using 3rd party couriers, while you can also use our services to benefit from bulk collections or deliveries.

When it comes to providing large volumes of organic fulfilment, you don’t need to worry. Our streamlined service and fleet of vehicles enable us to transport thousands of pallets annually, while we also operate within the Pallet Track network where over four million pallets are distributed each year. This enables us to reach the whole of the UK and Europe with ease.

Benefits of Using Möbile?

Choosing to work with Möbile will give your business the opportunity to benefit from a company that has been doing it right for 40 years. During this time, we have created systems and industry-leading solutions that give you greater control over how you run your business.

You can avoid the costs that come with setting up your own organic food warehouse and you won’t have to employ teams to take care of organic fulfilment because we’ll do it all for you. Our teams have been trained to align with your internal governance rules and they’ll help you to meet strict industry standards and guidelines.

Möbile provides a flexible service so you can benefit from affordable prices and bespoke processes that fit around your organic storage needs.

Looking For an Organic Food Warehouse Provider? Get in Touch

Discovering more about our organic food storage and organic fulfilment services is as easy as getting in touch with us here. Our Depot Managers are always prepared to answer any questions that you might have, or we can arrange for you to visit our organic food warehouse to learn all about how we work and what we do.

Frequently asked questions

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What is organic fulfilment?

It is important that organic food products are stored correctly which is why organic fulfilment is designed to offer storage and shipping that ensures organic food and drink meets industry standards and regulations.

What is organic food storage?

Organic food storage involves ensuring that organic foods are stored so that they are fit for consumption. This will ensure that they are stored in our approved organic food warehouse in the perfect environment. From our warehouse, we will manage the storage and distribution of organic food products, ensuring that they are handled, loaded, and distributed in accordance with industry regulations and standards.

Why is it important to choose an approved organic storage provider?

When it comes to organic storage, you should choose a provider that invests in the right systems to ensure that your products remain fresh and free from contaminants. This will guarantee that they are fit for consumption once they are delivered to customers.

The high standards of care and quality in the production of organic goods, needs to be continued throughout the supply chain. Being certified in the storage and processing of organic goods means that Möbile has met the high standards outlined by the certifying body, The Organic Food Federation.