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A Möbile history

the story begins – 1979

Möbile hits the scene as Mobile Freight Services in Highgate, Birmingham.

We do sometimes miss the sight of little red flat-bed trucks running steel around.

the 80s

The 80s have arrived. And we’ve now got cubes with curtains as well as flat-beds. Also, we have the beginnings of Mobile Freight Services’ first major specialism. Air freight distribution.

Mobile Freight Services was moving from city haulage into international, it was time to get the passports out and fill up the trucks.

Like a lot of things in the mid 80’s, we got bigger. We now had a fleet of crane mounted trucks, and a reliable partnership with the air freight industry. Things weren’t slowing down.

David Jolly –

Mobile Freight Services Founder, and the father of möbile. Pictured

the 90s

Highgate was now getting a bit small for our growing fleet. So, we packed up and moved to Imex Business Park.

We found a few more clients over there to keep us busy. Ones like Dunlop, Max Global and Emery Worldwide.

With all these new clients, our trips to mainland Europe were quickly becoming more frequent, and with a lot more on board. We decided it was time to start curating a new, premium dedicated load service for our clients.


the 00s

We survived Y2K. It’s a new millennium.It’s time to modernise. That starts with a move to Birmingham Airport.

Next, we took a stab at refreshing our look.

Almost there…


Mobile Freight Services rolls into its second generation. That meant Ian Jolly, David’s son. Ian was bringing decades of creative experience into the company, meaning bigger changes, fresh ideas and most importantly, an injection of modern design.


We moved, this time to our biggest spot yet. Park Lane, Birmingham.


Just two years later, a project was in the works. It would be the biggest development the company had ever seen. We were re-building as möbile. With a new partnership, bigger bases, new business opportunities and a total modernisation of the company. We were getting ready to roll out a veteran company with a new face.

The new face included Matthew Marriott, möbile’s newest partner and MD. AN industry titan bringing corporate experience and strategy from his career within the sector. Matt would be an invaluable addition to the team, and to co-partner with Ian Jolly.

We then became part of the Pallet-Track network. Quickly establishing möbiles’ spot on the map as one of the largest independent network operators in the Birmingham area.

möbile receives the ultimate form of brand recognition. We won the Motor Transport livery award, making us now officially the most eye-catching trucks on the road.


The two families of möbile, Jolly and Marriott become equal partners and shareholders. Officially uniting the company under the strength of their co-management.

We’ll always be brummies, but no longer based just in Birmingham. After möbile’s continuous growth and expansion we made the decision to acquire industry colleagues and fellow Logistics providers PDX. Now, with even moire wheels on the road and even more warehouse capacity, möbile is in the strongest position it’s ever been in to provide clients with a trie multi-site service.

The Future

Find out with us…