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Man and Van Service

Dedicated Van Service

Dedicated Man and Van Service

Möbile understands that every job is unique, but we also recognise that certain clients require a simple service that does exactly what they need it to do. This is where our dedicated man and van service comes in.

This service is perfect for smaller transport or delivery needs with minimum hassle. Our aim is to provide a dedicated van service that’s streamlined and flexible. Our team works 7 days a week to ensure that you get the most flexible and reliable service possible.

You’ll get seamless delivery services while only paying for time and distance thanks to our unique pricing model. With both day and night drivers available at your disposal, our dedicated van service is here to accommodate any extra capacity or help needed in office relocation projects.

Our top priority is client satisfaction, which is why we are fully insured under RHA terms and conditions. Don’t compromise on quality – for a trusted man and van delivery service, give Möbile a call today.

Dedicated Man and Van Delivery Service

Why Choose Möbile as Your Dedicated Man and Van Delivery Provider?

With over 40 years specialising in transportation solutions covering palletised freight deliveries as well as full and part load transportation, we understand that some transportation services need a different approach.

When choosing our man and van service, you’ll still benefit from our vast industry expertise and ability to coordinate your move from start to finish, but this comes in a nice, neat package of a dedicated man and van. Möbile focuses on keeping things effortless and straightforward, so you can pay for our man and van delivery service through PayPal without the need to set up time-consuming contracts.

We appreciate the importance of flexibility and the need to be available at short notice, so we work around the clock and seven days a week. Möbile can help you move office outside of operational hours, so whether that’s after you close, on weekends or on bank holidays, we can work around your specific needs.

Call Möbile today to benefit from our fully insured man and van service. Meeting all regulatory requirements and in accordance with RHA terms and conditions, you can benefit from our dedicated van service that covers the length and breadth of the UK.

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Frequently asked questions

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How do I book a Man and Van Service through Möbile, and can I choose between different vehicle sizes to accommodate my needs?

You can our dedicated van service by contacting us and informing us of your requirements. We can then recommend the right vehicle for your job.

Is there a minimum or maximum distance for which I can use the Man and Van Delivery Service, and are there any additional charges for longer distances?

The price we quote is based on the time your job takes and the distance we have to travel. However, there is no minimum or maximum distance we travel as we cover the whole of the UK.

Can I request a specific pick-up and drop-off time when scheduling a Dedicated Van Service, and is there an option for same-day or urgent requests?

Yes, it is possible to request a specific pick up and drop off time and where possible, we can provide same-day deliveries and urgent requests. All of this depends on the availability of our vehicles and drivers as well as the distance and time your move will take.

How does the pricing structure work for both day and night drivers, and are there any additional fees for weekend or holiday bookings?

Our service is available both day and night and we operate throughout the entire week, including weekends and holidays. The price we provide will reflect the time your move takes place as when and where it takes place.

Aside from RHA insurance, what other measures are in place to ensure the safety and security of my items during transportation with Möbile’s Man and Van Service?

We use the latest vehicles as part of our service, this ensures that your vehicles are transported safely. All your items are loaded into secured in our vehicles by our team of experts, ensuring they remain secure throughout your move.