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Truck Fleet Management

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Truck Fleet Management

If you’re looking to scale up your business but want to avoid the additional costs, Möbile can become your trusted truck fleet management partner. When you turn to us to help you manage your fleet, you can focus on running your business and meeting the needs of your customers.

Our branded trucks come in your livery, tailored specifically to meet your unique requirements. Say goodbye to the worries of compliance and O-license as we have it all covered for you! You will get seamless driver management with employment included in the contract – no more hassle on your plate. Plus, you will also get access to our fuel buying power that significantly reduces expenses while streamlining order deliveries through efficient planning. Budgeting has never been easier with our pay-a-day rate system covering miles and drivers during a specified contract period.

Choose Möbile today for an unbeatable edge over the competition! For more information, please read on or give one of our Depot Managers a call who will be more than happy to help.

Why Choose Möbile?

Managing a fleet of vehicles is costly, and time-consuming and it requires knowledge and expertise – this is where Möbile stands out.

For any business looking to increase its fleet of vehicles and operations, taking that next step can prove a challenge but with Möbile, you won’t need to worry about a thing. We bring our wealth of experience that spans four decades in the logistics industry. Our truck fleet management service is designed specifically to help you save money, enhance your presence, and showcase your branding.

We have a team of transport managers who can manage every element of your fleet and along with branded trucks that maintain your image and meet your specifications. Hiring drivers can also prove time-consuming and expensive, but as part of your contract, we can take care of the entire process.

You won’t have to focus on finding qualified drivers who are compliant, and you won’t need to worry about managing your operator licence because Möbile will handle every aspect of fleet management. All drivers will be given a branded uniform, helping to boost your image and create a professional impression on everyone who encounters your business. If required, we can also manage the planning of delivery orders.

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Reduce Costs with Simple Budgeting

Möbile understands that budgeting and costs can spiral out of control when you attempt to manage your own fleet of vehicles. However, with our truck fleet management service, budgeting and managing costs is easy. We charge a clear and simple day rate during your contract period which will also include mileage and drivers, giving you the scope to manage outgoings with precision.

As a large logistics company with a fleet of 60 modern vehicles, we can also reduce expenses by utilising our fuel buying power. This leads to reduced costs, giving you the potential to spend more on other areas of your business.

Get in Touch

With our truck fleet management service, everything is taken care of. It’s a highly effective solution that makes it possible for you to grow your business and increase your output, all of which results in increased profits.

If we sound like a good match for your business, feel free to give us a call or get in touch with us here to find out more. We’re always on hand to offer advice, explain our services, or arrange a site visit to see how we operate.

Frequently asked questions

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What types of software and technology are used in truck fleet management services to optimize routes and track vehicles in real-time?

We use Vigo TMS to plan routes and track vehicles in real-time. This allows us to utilise the right vehicles and ensure that we plan the most cost-effective routes, which helps you to save money.

How does a truck fleet management service ensure the safety and compliance of drivers, and what kind of training programs are provided for them?

We ensure that every driver we employ on your behalf is qualified, trained, and experienced. They will hold all relevant licenses to ensure that you are compliant and meet all industry regulations.

Can fleet management services accommodate special requests or requirements for specific industries, such as temperature-controlled transportation or hazardous materials handling?

Yes, we do have the scope to accommodate special requests such as the transportation of hazardous materials as part of our fleet management service. If you do have special requests, then we recommend speaking to our team to discuss your needs

How does a fleet management service handle unexpected issues, such as vehicle breakdowns or driver absences, to minimize disruptions in delivery schedules?

As we provide complete management of your fleet of vehicles, we are also responsible for maintaining vehicles, managing breakdowns and driver absences. Our aim is to ensure we keep your vehicles moving and have your goods delivered with minimal disruption.