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A transport and logistics company based in Birmingham has reported significant growth after investing over £1m into its operation and undergoing a rebrand. Mobile – people.powered.logistics, which provides leading supply chain solutions across the region, has seen its turnover increase by 57% over the past 12 months with staff at its Birmingham headquarters increasing from 50 to 68.

The family run business, which was set up by David Jolly and is now managed by his son Ian, has been serving the West Midlands for 35 years and continues to put its people at the forefront. In 2015, Ian decided it was time to modernise the business and invested over £1m into its operation, including the hiring of key members of staff, as well as renewal of part of its fleet, rebranding its name, website, signage and livery. Since this change, the company’s turnover has increased from £2.8m to £4.1m, an increase of 57%, and predicted growth could see the turnover hit £5m later this year.

Ian Jolly, Commercial Director of Mobile, commented: “Birmingham is the industrial and logistics capital of the UK and it is great for us to be able to grow so significantly in the region. After 35 years of Mobile Freight Services, we thought it was time to revitalise the company to reflect a modern transport and logistics business and since then we have been going from strength to strength.”

He continued: “The key to a successful transport and logistics company is the people and we have a big focus on obtaining the right staff across Greater Birmingham, who will drive quality and profit to sustain future investments. We’ve also recently launched a graduate scheme and are currently employing two local graduates, showing our commitment to young talent in the region. We doubled our office space by moving three years ago and are already outgrowing the new office, now delivering 100,000 shipments a year – and this number is still growing. We expect the turnover to increase by a further 25% by the end of 2016 – it is a very exciting time indeed!”

Mobile – people.powered.logistics, formally known as Mobile Freight Services, provides services including palletised freight distribution and dedicated transport systems. For more information about Mobile – people.powered.logistics, please visit: Notes Mobile – people.powered.logistics was set up in 1981 by David Jolly as Mobile Freight Services and is currently based in Castle Vale, Birmingham. The company’s palletised freight distribution service covers the UK and Europe and offers services including national full and part load deliveries, 24hours a day, seven days a week, as well as system management, with experience in managing complex supply chains, using market leading technology.