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Warehouse movements continue throughout UK lock-down.

Mobile PPL has seen a dramatic change in the past weeks due to COVID19.   Its management team and national fleet of 63 vehicles continued to operate during what was an unprecedented time for the supply chain.

While others closed or downsized for the right reasons Mobile PPL was delivering over 800 consignments a day across the UK from Medical devices, Hospital Beds, Toilet rolls and even pallets of turf and slabs for home deliveries.

Matthew Marriott the Group MD commented, “The increases that have accrued in the number of home deliveries during the period has been astonishing. We must have seen something like a 400% increase in delivering pallets of home refurbishment products to houses across the country and particularly in our local regions of the West Midlands and Buckinghamshire.

Our business is seeing a distinct change in the types of deliveries during the lock-down, our volumes of industrial style customers reduced overnight but our online/ E-Comm clients went crazy and thankfully this kept the majority of our fleet running in difficult times.

It wasn’t enough for us to avoid furlough entirely however approximately 65% of our team has remained. These key staff have continued to work day and night to ensure all those home deliveries get there on time, which is all the more important when so many people are stuck in their homes.”

Ian Jolly Mobile Commercial Director added, “The business saw volumes overall drop by approx. 25% which is tough for anyone to deal with but I have to say we are all very proud of the team and how well the business has continued to perform”.

Mobile PPL specialises in UK and Irish transport and Distribution.  Headquartered in Castle Vale, Birmingham and having an expanding national network has allowed us to somewhat weather the storm in such a difficult time.  We know that a lot of our industry sector has suffered and we want to thank every key worker in the Logistics industry for helping the UK get through this difficult time.